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This site was created as a result of requests from music software users for improved access to information about stormwater management products and services. This sponsored site allows eWater to continue to invest in product development including the incorporation of latest science to benefit users, while still maintaining our not-for-profit status.  The listings will grow over time to incorporate a full range of products and services widely utilised in Water Sensitive Urban Design.

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Sponsored products

Ecosol Gross Pollutant Trap

CODE: RSF 4000

11 / Contact Ecosol representative / 600mm / 3600mm / 0.23m3 – 65.33m3 / Peak Flow Bypass / Customised sizing available
The Ecosol GPT (also known as the RSF 4000 Solid Pollutant Filter) provides essential primary treatment of stormwater pollutants.  Capturing and... More

3 / 900mm / 3500 / 1700mm / 19000 / varties to suit suite / Peak Flow Bypass
The SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 is a stormwater treatment device utilising quiescent conditions to hydro-dynamically separate sediment and hydrocarbons from stormwater.