Ecosol has extensive experience in delivering stormwater filtration products and services internationally.  Ecosol specialises in stormwater management and filtration, providing high-performance technology solutions so that designers, engineers, and developers can achieve Water Sensitive Urban Design objectives.

Ecosol provides a "total solutions" approach with an extensive range of structural treatment solutions designed to protect the environment by reducing the effect of stormwater pollution in our urban environment.

Ecosol’s award-winning range of products enables it to offer solutions for almost any situation:

  • Primary At-Source Treatment

Ecosol Litter Basket (also known as RSF 100) – Dry litter basket system designed for the retention of gross pollutants at the point of source.

Ecosol Primary Trap – Designed specifically for retention of gross pollutants, fine sediment, and hydrocarbons at-source.

  • Primary In-line and End-of-Line Treatment

Ecosol Gross Pollutant Trap (also known as RSF 4000) – Wet sump system designed for collecting gross pollutants, sediment, and hydrocarbons within the drainage network.

Ecosol Net Tech – End-of-Line release net system providing essential pre-screening of stormwater runoff.

Ecosol Drop Trap (also known as RSF 1000) – Dry litter basket designed for the retention of gross litter and coarse sediment within the drainage network.

Ecosol Net Guard – Enclosed dry sump net system providing effective primary screening and retention of stormwater gross pollutants.

Ecosol Trash Rack – Open modular, framed, net system designed for primary treatment and retention of gross pollutants in open channel applications.

  • Secondary In-Line Treatment

Ecosol Sand Filter – Media Infiltration system designed for high density residential or commercial applications.

  • Tertiary At –Source Treatment

Ecosol Bio Filter – Wet sump bio-retention system providing primary, secondary and tertiary treatment within the one compact unit.

  • Rainwater Harvesting and Re-use

Ecosol Rain Tank (also known as RST 7000) – Rainwater storage and re-use system.

Ecosol is accredited to international standards in quality, environment, and OH&S.  It has won two AWA awards and also the 2003 Nature Foundation SA Good Business Environment Protection award.  A 2004 finalist in the BRW Fast 100 awards, it has in recent years, been involved in several high-profile projects, including Malaysia’s multi-billion dollar Putra Jaya development and Sydney Water’s Stormwater Treatment Program.

For further information, or if you would like one of our representatives to visit you, please ring us on 1300 706 624 or email info@ecosol.com.au   Also, you can visit our website at www.ecosol.com.au.

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