Citygreen was established to provide engineered green building solutions based on sound research into urban sustainability. These solutions are designed to be best practice in their field, providing innovative systems that work, and that meet or exceed engineering standards.

Citygreen’s vision embraces a world where sustainable green space is within reach of every person, every day – and natural resources are utilised (not wasted) for the benefit of mankind.

Our name reflects our passion – to help make our cities more sustainable. From a dedication to research and development and hands-on experience in the field has come a firm belief that there are ways of successfully integrating ‘green utilities’ into urban design, to make our cities greener and more liveable.

One of Citygreen’s key focus areas is ‘at source’ water harvesting, using permeable pavements, skeletal structures for infiltration or storage, and tree pits. Permeable pavement modules have numerous benefits as well as reduction of runoff. High strength skeletal structures provide important void space beneath paved surfaces for storage, filtration, or remediation of stormwater, reducing requirements for off-site treatments. Tree pit systems are a cutting edge technology for combining enhanced tree growth with water harvesting. Citygreen has accumulated global experience in this field.

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