For the past 30 years, FRÄNKISCHE has been delivering innovative stormwater management solutions, that comply to the highest European standards, regulations & normative’s, set by the Authorities in civil infrastructure Road & Rail drainage. FRÄNKISCHE has also developed comprehensive drainage systems for agricultural, sportsfield and landscaping applications, which integrate with Water Sensitive Urban Design principles (WSUD), ensuring a reliable and efficient collection, treatment, storage and discharge of stormwater in any terrain. Stormwater management that integrates with our environment has become a vital part of our landscape when designing green healthy livable cities. FRÄNKISCHE has become one of the market leaders in developing eco-friendly systems that address the main challenges that designers face today on any project.


FRÄNKISCHE’s drainage solution begins where stormwater falls on impervious surfaces with difficult drainage like roads, highways, carparks, roofs, airports, stadiums or other paved areas. By installing underground treatment systems for polluted stormwater runoff, we can re-establish the natural water cycle where it is interrupted and returned to its natural sources. For decades, our products have set the trends in the industry, harmoniously combining economy and ecology. This is how we manage to restore the stormwater cycle without causing flood damage in cities or municipalities. Our drainage systems always meet the four fundamental tasks in handling stormwater:

1. Transport -  2. Treatment -  3. Storage -  4. Discharge

Founded in 1906, FRÄNKISCHE is a third-generation family owned business run by Otto Kirchner. We are an innovative, growth-oriented industry leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of engineered solutions across all our business units that comprise: drainage, electrical, building technology and industrial applications. Today, FRÄNKISCHE has 21 production facilities and employs 4200 people, with sales offices on four continents. The relationships we build with our customers enable us to develop products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Our actions and our business philosophy are totally customer focused on finding the best stormwater management solutions both technically and commercially for the site requirements.


Our solutions help water find its way back into the natural water cycle.

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