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Let the water do the work…

Baramy are pioneers of the "Dry Rubbish" principle. Their innovative award winning designs are capable of treating a wide range of water flows including stormwater channels, culverts, pipes and natural water courses. Baramy traps are designed to exploit the available energy in the water flow, to make it work for us.

The Baramy designs have high capture rates with the low cleaning costs. This is made possible because of the Dry rubbish aspect of the design.  Baramy also cater for high flows, this means high volumes, high velocities and even 100 year ARI. Baramy devices are not restricted to treating the “First Flush” and then bypassing all further flows, because as they say at Baramy  "Let the water do the work..."

Baramy products treat gross pollutants from the very small, such as cigarette butts, to the very large such as tyres or shopping trolleys. We can also treat and capture oil and sediment.

Baramy offers a range of pre-treatment solutions for high velocity flows and pipe inlets. Specific solutions for high-risk areas such as know black spots on our roads, where there is a danger of an oil spill, are also available.

So whatever the site,  be it a difficult site or a simple site, contact Baramy to get the best solution.

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