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The Protector EnviroProtector is a specialist stormwater filter for heavily polluted traffic areas, designed for installation within new or existing... More

The STORMPROTECTOR by PROTECTOR is a dual chamber stormwater treatment system full equipped with internal bypass and Coalesce filtration system. The... More

The EcoProtector is a hydrodynamic, full capture, high-capacity trash and debris removal GPT (Gross Pollutant Trap) with superior litter and organic debris... More

The Hydraprotector is the most widely used separator where it is acceptable to treat the first flush and normal flows up tov6.5mm/hr rainfall. This covers... More

Maxi Protector
The Maxi Protector is a series of the Protector Range that utilises the hydraulics of the flowing stormwater to push the water through a series of efficient... More

The XTREAMFILTER is designed to filter stormwater runoff and remove a large proportion of the contaminants in the process. This filtration device to be... More

Horizontal Retention System
Our Retention systems are designed for use in storage, detention and retention at the end of our treatment trains. At the final point of our systems, the... More