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3 / 700mm / 930 / Varies to suit site / Peak Flow Bypass
The SPEL Filter is a cartridge filter system that incorporates an upflow treatment process, through a spiral wrapped media configuration that maximises surface treatment area

SPEL StormChamber
varies / 862mm / 1520 / 2590mm / 2590 / 2m3 / 4.56 / Customised sizing available
SPEL StormChamber is an open base, high-density polyethylene infiltration chamber for subsurface retention or detention of storm water runoff. It reduces... More

SPEL Hydrosystem
1 / 980 / 1955mm / 1955 / 0.5 / Peak Flow Bypass / Customised sizing available
A specialist stormwater filter, designed for installation within load bearing shafts and chambers of concrete or plastic construction. The pre fitted plastic housing is safe and easy to fit at any site.

SPEL Basin
Contact SPEL / 1500mm / 1500mm / Contact SPEL / Peak Flow Bypass / Customised sizing available
The SPEL Basin is an advanced biological stormwater treatment system that works with natural processes to provide superior pollutant removal.

SPEL Ecoceptor
The SPEL Ecoceptor™ is a secondary stormwater treatment device designed to target gross pollutants, coarse sediment, total suspended solids, total... More

SPEL StormSack
5 / 450mm / 1200 / 0.24 / Peak Flow Bypass / Customised sizing available
The SPEL StormSack is a specially designed gully pit insert to target sediment >200microns and gross pollutants. The SPEL StormSack can be customised to... More

SPEL Thirsty Duck
The SPEL Thirsty Duck® is a buoyant flow control device (BFD) designed to operate as a high-early discharge device in detention basins and tanks. The... More

SPEL Baffle Box
8 / 610mm / 3658 / 1220mm / 6906 / 0.89-33 / Peak Flow Bypass / Customised sizing available
The SPEL Bafflebox is a gross pollutant trap designed to treat the entire flow from the upstream pipe with minimal headloss resulting from the floating... More

SPEL Waterclean Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTW)
1 standard FTW matrix / 2435000mm / 2400 / 4000mm / 4000 / Peak Flow Bypass / Customised sizing available
SPEL Waterclean Floating Treatment wetlands (FTW) are an innovation of the traditional technology that hydroponically grows emergent macrophyte plant... More

3 / 900mm / 3500 / 1700mm / 19000 / varties to suit suite / Peak Flow Bypass
The SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 is a stormwater treatment device utilising quiescent conditions to hydro-dynamically separate sediment and hydrocarbons from stormwater.

3 / 1800mm / Contact supplier / 5000mm / Contact supplier / Contact supplier / Peak Flow Bypass
SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows and is sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage enabling it to be fully operational at all times.