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The Duoceptor™ hydrodynamic separator is a stormwater pollution prevention device that efficiently removes hydrocarbons and fine sediment at its source. Specifically designed to target hydrocarbons and fine sediment, it is used in hardstand applications such as service stations, roads, highways, council depots, wash bays, emergency spill locations, and airports.

The Duoceptor™ unit is designed for large hardstand areas with a single treatment point, e.g. ports, airports, and warehouses.

The Duoceptor™ unit has been developed to treat larger catchments as some developments are optimally treated with a single large device instead of several smaller devices. 

The unit operates by splitting the flow and treating half of the design flowrate through the first chamber. The untreated half of the design flow bypassed from the first chamber then passes through the split connection pipe into the second chamber for treatment. Treated flow from the first chamber exits and flows through the other half of the split connection pipe and bypasses the second chamber to join the treated flow from the second chamber at the outlet of the Duoceptor™.