StormTrap® systemSingleTrap™ moduleDoubleTrap™ module

StormTrap® system

The StormTrap® system is a modular, below-ground, purpose-designed detention and infiltration system. With flexibility in height and a precast concrete construction. The StormTrap® system allows large pore volumes with small footprint as well as ease of access which enables simple maintenance. Trafficable and low wheel load options are available.

The StormTrap® system is a purpose-built detention and infiltration solution that has achieved great success due to its simple design and installation process.

The StormTrap® system is a below ground structure produced by connecting individual precast concrete modules into a configuration that meets each project’s requirements. This unique approach provides an extremely simple and flexible design solution without compromising above ground land use. A range of design and installation benefits make the StormTrap® system a competitive solution for any residential, commercial or industrial project. After hundreds of installations in the USA, the StormTrap® system is now available in Australia exclusively through Humes Water Solutions®.

Multiple configurations available utilising SingleTrap™ module or DoubleTrap™ modules.

  • Modular
  • Precast concrete, 50yr design life
  • Accessible for maintenance
  • 94% void space
  • Trafficable & low wheel load options
  • Installation support provided
  • Design service provided
  • Quick to install