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Downstream Defender™

Downstream Defender™ is a high performance small footprint oil and sediment separator. Using advanced hydrodynamic vortex separation the Downstream Defender™ has high total suspended solids and oil removal rates while maintaining separate treatment and storage areas reducing re-entrainment with no moving parts while still being a simple to install and maintain package.

Backed by Rocla’s Product Application Design engineering team to assist with design and unit sizing, Downstream Defender® is simple, effective, separation.

More information can be found at www.waterquality.rocla.com.au or by emailing solutions@rocla.com.au .

Benefits of the Downstream Defender:

  • Removes sediment, floatables, oil and grease
  • Low headloss due to clear openings and no internal restrictions
  • Online or offline options available
  • Customized storage options available
  • Separate oil and sediment storage areas outside main treatment flow path
  • Designed to operate over a wide range of flows
  • Independent unsolicited validation testing