Baramy Duel VaneDual Vane TrapSchematic

Dual Vane Trap


Oil Skimmers can be added to the design of this trap. This captures an additional level and class of pollution.

Extended Collection Bay:  The pollution collection bay can be extended to suit individual sites and budgets. This increased the holding capacity of the trap which can translate into a decrease in the frequency of cleaning.  This in turn reduces the total cost of ownership for the trap.

It is important that an increase in the collection bay has no adverse impact on the performance of this trap.

Sediment Control (Wet or Dry):  This supports the addition of Wet or Dry Sediment Control.

Lidded (Trafficable or Pedestrian):  Depending on the location of the site to be treated you can elect for your trap to be lidded.  The lids can be of a trafficable quality or pedestrian quality depending on the budget.

Right or Left Hand Versions:  This trap can be adapted to suit right or left handed situations

Buried or Exposed:  Depending on the site to be treated, the traps can be installed below ground and hidden or exposed.

Safety Fencing:  Depending on the site to be treated, a variety of economical safety fencing can be used.

Coloured Concrete:  If required the concrete can be coloured to help the trap blend in with the surrounding landscape.