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ecoStorage™ – Rainwater Tank

Fully customized underground steel reinforced concrete or plastic tanks, available in circular or box configurations to suit any application.

Utilising the complete range of Steel reinforced concrete pipe, steel reinforced plastic pipes and concrete box culverts available in the Rocla product range, a storage system can be designed to suit any application. Taking into account site constraints, installation techniques and logistics ecoStorage is able to meet your needs. Backed by Rocla’s design services to help create the most suitable outcome for our project the ecoStorage is the most flexible storage solution around.

More information can be found at www.waterquality.rocla.com.au or by emailing solutions@rocla.com.au.

  • Fully customizable design options
  • Easily included in treatment train
  • Available in a range of materials
  • Different materials can be combined in one system
  • Underground storage capable of withstanding construction and live loads