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The high strength Citygreen® Structural Module is the result of design engineers working with Citygreen® to produce the ultimate load bearing ‘root cell’ structure.

This patented design integrates an array of essential features.

Immense compressive load bearing capacity is achieved by combining columnar design geometry with recycled, reinforced co-polymer materials.

Due to the positive lateral and vertical connectors, an assembled StrataCell® matrix also has excellent lateral strength. The octagonal modules are placed and connected rapidly and simply, with minimum of skilled labour required.

Large spaces between the columns provide generous avenues for root growth in all directions, and volume within the columns is open and readily accessible for feeder and structural tree roots.

The environmentally-critical design parameters have resulted in an extremely strong module made from recycled material, which leaves over 94% of its total volume for root growth and stormwater harvesting.


  • Length : 510mm
  • Width : 510mm
  • Height : 250mm
  • Capacity
  • Free volume: above 94%
  • Soil capacity (ea): 0.062m³
  • Ultimate Load Strength (tested)30 series - 300kPa