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The StormTech arch system is an underground structural water storage system for rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention and infiltration.

StormTech is designed to meet the highest industry structural standards and is ideally suited to carparks, roadways, sports fields and deep burial applications.

Stormtech chambers are backfilled with clean aggregate and wrapped in geotextile depending on the application.

Benefits of StormTech arches include:

  • StormTech Isolator Row™ filters stormwater and acts as a GPT by capturing over 96 per cent of TSS and gross pollutants which can easily be cleaned from the surface
  • cost effective - saves valuable land and protects water resources for commercial, domestic and municipal applications
  • stone and chamber arch system provides superior structural strength
  • 100 year plus design life
  • fully trafficable
  • light and easy to install – low OH&S risk
  • high storage capacity per sq.m
  • independently load tested and verified for highway loads by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)
  • the only chambers designed to meet all AASHTO requirements for live load and earth load design
  • each chamber is capable of supporting three times the AASHTO H-20 Wheel Load Rating without deforming
  • modular design gives flexibility to match site conditions
  • high quality injection moulded polyethylene chambers – virgin polymer used

More information can be found at www.cubicm3.com.au or email info@cubicm3.com.au