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FLEXSTORM™ Filtration Basket for inlet protection

The FLEXSTORM™ system is a configurable, adjustable filter frame suspension system with a high efficiency woven geotextile sediment bag.

FLEXSTORM Inlet Filters are the preferred choice for inlet protection and storm water sediment control.

“A universal best management practice (BMP) for storm sewer sediment control.”

FLEXSTORM™ benefits include:

  • cost effective
  • pit insert with a rubbish filter available in adjustable sizes
  • various levels of filtration
  • offers versatility to fit a wide array of drainage structures

FLEXSTORM™ offers a comprehensive product range for concrete structures.

  • suitable for frame and grate casting
  • suitable for retrofitting

Typical Applications:

  • highways and road construction
  • commercial / car parks
  • residential developments
  • industrial / maintenance