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Isolator Row

The Isolator Row™ is a stormwater filtration zone that captures more than 96 per cent of total suspended solids (TSS). It can be designed as a stand-alone settlement tank or form part of a StormTech detention or retention system of any size.

Isolator Rows™ can be used as a gross pollutant trap (GPT), media filtration system, infiltration system or other primary pollution treatment device.

  • a cost effective method for total suspended solids (TSS) and gross pollutant removal
  • well suited to shallow or low expense GPT applications
  • easy to clean - jet-vac equipment is sent down the Isolator Row access point and washes trapped sediment back. The vac hose can then remove the sediment from the structure
  • multiple Isolator Rows™ may be used for high flow applications

The Isolator Row™ is a row of StormTech chambers completely encased in geotextile filter fabric. It acts as a sediment trap.

A strip of woven geotextile is placed under the entire length of the row between the chambers and base stone. This provides a “floor” to the row that allows water to pass, but will trap sediment and debris.

A strip of non-woven geotextile is wrapped over the top of the chambers for the entire length of the row. It separates the chambers from the cover stone, providing further filtration as the row fills.

The Isolator Row™ is the first row in the chamber bed at each inlet point. It must be directly connected to a manhole, catch basin, or other access structure.

More information can be found at www.cubicm3.com.au or email info@cubicm3.com.au