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SPEL StormChamber

SPEL StormChamber is an open base, high-density polyethylene infiltration chamber for subsurface retention or detention of storm water runoff. It reduces nutrients and other pollutants by taking advantage of natural biological and physical properties of the soil and fill material. SPEL StormChamber is a cost effective trafficable system, quick and easy to install. It has high load rating that makes it fully trafficable. The side portal feed provides greater flexibility in engineering and hydraulic design, eliminating circuitous routing of feed pipes from inlet structures to entry point. Three layered installations and a maximum burial depth of 9 metres are possible. Each chamber is composed of at least 40% recycled material. The HDPE composition facilitates easier installation, smaller excavation and decreased footprint. Each chamber is capable of supporting three times the AASHTO H-20 Wheel Load Rating without deformation – also satisfying AS5100 W8 wheel loads. Each chamber system is installed with a minimum of 150mm of stone base. Each chamber has defined top and side portals on opposing sides which are structurally enhanced apertures. Each chamber is capable of accepting 225mm dia. PVC feed pipe through a defined side portal. Each chamber is capable of accepting up to a 750mm OD pipe through its end wall.


Each SPEL StormChamber module is 2.59m long, 1.52m wide and 860mm high. The storage of each unit by itself is 2.12 m3 and design storage capacity including the aggregate on top and bottom of the unit can vary between 3.26 m3 to 4.56 m3.


  • Underground installation, Small surface footprint
  • Trafficable (4 times AASHTO H-20)
  • 2.59m long, 1.52m wide, 0.86m high modules
  • 300mm – 750mm OD Pipes accommodated
  • Light, quick and easy to install
  • Retention, Detention and Infiltration options
  • 9m maximum excavation depth accommodated
  • Cheaper than most other trafficable options