SPEL BasinSPEL BasinSPEL BasinSPEL BasinSPEL BasinSPEL Basin

SPEL Basin

The SPEL Basin is an advanced biological stormwater treatment system that works with natural processes to provide  pollutant removal. SPEL Basin utilises horizontal flow subsurface wetland technology and multi-stage pre-treatment.


Easy to size, install and maintain, it is suited for treating runoff from parking lots, roadways, residential and commercial sub-catchments and/or retrofit applications. It is available in numerous sizes and various inlet configurations to match specific site requirements. Essentially the SPEL Basin is a packaged, modular bioretention system.


  • Easy to install, simple operation, quick to maintain.
  • Pre-filter chamber (forebay) protects the bioretention chamber
  • Bioretention performance in a modular package
  • Built-in kerb, drop inlet and grated options available
  • Flexible inverts allow installation downstream of detention/retention systems
  • Supplied with structure, street furniture, media and plants, if desired