SPEL StormSackSPEL StormSackSPEL StormSackSPEL StormSack

SPEL StormSack

The SPEL StormSack is a specially designed gully pit insert to target sediment >200microns and gross pollutants. The SPEL StormSack can be customised to also capture oils and grease from catchments prone to spills. Ideally suited for municipal drainage networks or commercial and industrial sites, the unique design facilitates easy maintenance using vacuum suction equipment. The unit captures pollutants and stores them dry, minimising any potential breakdown under anaerobic conditions. Standard sizes are available in square 450mm, 600mm and 900mm configurations, as well as rectangular 900mm by 600mm, and 1200mm by 900mm designs. Fabricated with 120mm of adjustable flanges, the SPEL StormSack can be customised onsite to suit each pit.


  • Gross pollutant & coarse sediment capture device
  • Underground installation, to suit standard gully pits
  • 200 micron mesh bag
  • Light, quick and easy to install
  • Stores pollutants dry
  • Easily maintained with vacuum truck
  • 12L/s Bypass Flow rate