SPEL Baffle BoxSPEL Baffle BoxSPEL Baffle BoxSPEL Baffle BoxSPEL Baffle Box

SPEL Baffle Box

The SPEL Bafflebox is a gross pollutant trap designed to treat the entire flow from the upstream pipe with minimal headloss resulting from the floating outlet weir. Turbulence deflectors are mounted onto the baffles in the base unit to minimise any potential re-suspension of captured sediment. The SPEL Bafflebox captures and stores gross pollutants in an elevated cage above the wet, sediment storage chambers thereby allowing the material to dry out and minimising any potential breakdown in an anaerobic sump.


  • Gross pollutant trap designed to treat pipe-full flow
  • Underground installation, no loss of site surface area
  • Designed for 80% TSS, 20% TP and 20% TN removal
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Dry Pollutant storage, above sump
  • 250mm head to drive flow
  • Floating weir minimises headloss
  • Easy to access & maintain