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RigoFill ST

Rigofill ST is an underground Modular Geocellular Stormwater Storage System, (highest void ration 96% on the market) used for Infiltration (soakaways), Retention/Detention and Rain Harvesting storage tank applications.

The Rigofill ST and ST-B storage systems offers consultants a reliable, robust, versatile, maintenance friendly 4th generation storage systems, which represent real innovation for the Australian Market. Rigofill ST and ST-B storage systems are extremely strong and have been designed to handle these kinds of loads up to HGV60/ 60t (green module ST) and HGV30/ 30t (black module ST-B) per m2 with a minimum design life of 50 years.

The Rigofill ST Storage System fully complies with extremely robust European Standards and Specifications (CIRIA C680/ EURO Code) and is backed by third party testing accreditation from BBA.

The system is 100% accessible and inspectable inside the tanks for flushing & camera access purposes to comply with operations and maintenance regulations via an access shaft and an innovative crossed-shaped tunnel giving each module two axial four-dimensional inspection capability on each layer. 

The integrated QuadroControl ST/ ST-B shaft system allows for unobstructed access "from above". Camera dollies can easily be positioned to achieve optimum inspection results.

A comprehensive range of accessories makes the Rigofill ST/ST-B system a unique complete system for stormwater management.


For more information and technical support for structural performance checks, floatation check, tanks sizing and standard drawing:

Rigofill ST: https://www.fraenkische.com/en/product/rigofill-st-system-versickerung?context=bau&filter[group]=drainage-systems&filter[competence]=stormwater-management&filter[content_usage]=infiltration

 Rigofill ST-B: https://www.fraenkische.com/en/product/rigofill-st-b-system-versickerung?context=bau&filter[group]=drainage-systems&filter[competence]=stormwater-management&filter[content_usage]=infiltration