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Rigo Limit V

The RigoLimit V flow control device is the first plastic throttle shaft system which generates the proven vortex flow directly within the shaft base where the shaft and throttle form one complete unit. As the system is made from corrosion-free material, it is one of the most reliable and maintenance free flow control devices on the market.

This state of the art robust technology allows designers to easily manage site discharge flow rate restrictions when modelling post construction impervious coefficient runoff through WSUD principles or other site challenges. RigoLimit V achieves uninterrupted operations with total flexibility, by simply changing the exchangeable orifice gland, the discharge rate can be adjusted at any time.

The throttle shaft is manufactured to the project needs and delivered ready-to-connect. It can easily be integrated into the drainage system on site.

The throttle range is usually between 0.5l/s and 80l/s depending on the head of water stored in the detention tank and the vortex height in the throttle shaft will also depends on the water level in the upstream basin.


The RigoLimit V throttle shaft is used when a retarded, time-lagged discharge into a receiving water is required for stormwater retention. With the help of this shaft, the flow rate is reduced and controlled, and peak loads are avoided when discharging into sewers, stormwater networks or wastewater treatment systems and waterbodies.

The stormwater fills e.g a storm water retention basin, trench or tank and then discharged in a controlled manner using RigoLimit V.

  • Ground basins/detention ponds can be discharge in a controlled way using RigoLimit V throttle shaft.
  • Storage/infiltration/detentions systems units store stormwater and discharge it later.
  • For storage/infiltration/detentions systems where no or only partial infiltration occurs, discharge is usually controlled by a throttle element.
  • Storage/infiltration/detention systems can be installed in cascade form