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Sedi Pipe L

Pollutants that are carried in stormwater runoff are mainly bound to very small particles. These particles can be removed from the water by sedimentation. SediPipe L and L Plus products use patented flow separation technology that treats polluted stormwater guaranteeing optimised treatment performance and removal efficiencies for the following targets:

  • coarse materials
  • fines - (down to 60 Microns)
  • bound pollutants – (Heavy Metals – lead, copper & zinc)
  • light liquids – (Hydro-Carbons)


The SediPipe L flow separation technology work like a traditional stormwater sedimentation tank or pond, however, due to the unique geometry, they require significantly smaller construction areas (footprint) than traditional systems. The patented flow separation technology prevents the settled sedimentation (down to 60 Microns) from getting remobilized, even in case of heavy rain events – sediment control takes place.


SediPipe L Plus is equipped with a second flow separator to ensure absolute safety for groundwater and water bodies, for the capture and removal of light liquids to reliably separate hydrocarbons in case of an oil spill during a rain event. In the event of subsequent heavy rains, the separated oil is not re-entrained – light liquid control takes place.


Proven separation performance SediPipe L plus - systems have been tested for the retention of light liquids by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH. The discharge values match those of a class I oil separator according to DIN EN 858-1 (residual oil level ≤ 5.0 mg/l, which corresponds to an oil retention of at least 99.9 %).


In the case of oil spills, at a service station or truck parking area, SediPipe L Plus systems reliably retains substantial amounts of light liquids and even achieve the same separation performance as coalescence separators during rainfalls.


For larger applications or faster flow rates, the SediPipe L system gives you the greatest flexibility, due to the modular nature of the system (SediPipe Harp). Simply add additional SediPipe L, connected via a manifold arrangement to achieve your target flow rates and treatment efficiencies.


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