Sedi SubstratorSedi SubstratorSedi SubstratorSedi SubstratorSedi SubstratorSedi Substrator

Sedi Substrator

SediSubstrator L is a stormwater treatment system for heavily polluted stormwater runoff, e.g. from trafficked areas. The system separates washed-up particles, particle-bound pollutants, dissolved heavy metals and light liquids (oil) from stormwater and reliably retains these materials in the system. SediSubstrator L has been tested according to the strict German Institute for Building Technology Highest reliability thanks to the 2-stage principle This system filters stormwater based on the principles of adsorption. The treatment performance is similar to that of a bioretention system or an ecological swale system, but SediSubstrator requires a lot less space. The SediSubstrator system is used as a substrate step after the sedimentation path.


  • commercial areas 
  • logistics centers 
  • motorway rest areas with high frequency heavy traffic Wide range of purposes: 
  • installation upstream of or parallel to an infiltration swale 
  • arrangement upstream of the discharge into a surface waterbody or sewer 
  • downstream infiltration of stormwater, e.g., into underground storage/infiltration systems