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The Protector EnviroProtector is a specialist stormwater filter for heavily polluted traffic areas, designed for installation within new or existing chambers. The Fiberglass housing is safe and easy to fit on site. The EnviroProtector operates in an up-flow process resulting in minimal head drop between the inlet and the outlet. The stormwater is treated within the unit by the following processes: sedimentation, filtration, adsorption and precipitation. It is suitable for Heavy Metal, TSS and Nutrient reduction. The Heart of the EnviroProtector is the EnviroFilter, the filter is a mix of technologies, chemical filtration process and filter medias. These include Oil Coalescing, 30Micron Filtration, zeolite adsorption materials, perlite phosphorus removal and activated carbon.

The EnviroFilter incorporates Scottish Engineered Filter Media Stormwater Quality Improvement Device and is employed for heavily polluted traffic areas and has been granted general technical approval (Z-84.2-4) by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt). Because of its up-flow process it can efficiently work in flat sites requiring only 250 mm fall across the device. Multiple units can be manifolded together to treat higher flows. Each EnviroFilter will provide 8 L/s of treatment flow rate, installed in offline configuration.

  • Stormwater treatment filter
  • Underground installation, no loss of site surface area
  • Designed for TSS,TP and TN removal
  • Light, quick and easy to install
  • 150-300mm head to drive flow
  • Filter modules easy to replace
  • 8L/s Treatment Flow rate per Filter

Technical Specification:

Filter Element

Material: Filter Substrate: Traffic

Weight 25 kg


Material: Fiberglass

Telescopic Extension Tube

Material: Polyethylene

Weight: 5 kg

Total weight: 37 kg (without Telescopic Extension)