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The STORMPROTECTOR by PROTECTOR is a dual chamber stormwater treatment system full equipped with internal bypass and Coalesce filtration system. The STORMPROTECTOR most efficient design is its removal of oils and hydrocarbons from stormwater, performing at 95% removal of hydrocarbons. With high amounts of oil run off from vehicles in car parks, garage forecourts and other various high traffic areas, removal of these oils and hydrocarbons from out waterways is of the upmost importance. The system is designed with a coalesce filter that is able to remove a high majority of water and depending on whether the installation is high or low risk, can ensure a release of 5mg/L of oil. The system is also capable of removing sedimentation and suspended solids through the use of the settlement chamber, silt baffle and the dropper tubes implementation to ensure that these contaminants to do not reach the coalesce filter, preventing clogging and ensuring long life.

With a full range of sizing along with a wide range of inlet and discharge sizes, the Protector team can provide solutions for any of your stormwater retention and filtration needs with the STORMPROTECTOR series. It is available in 1200-1500, 1850-2200 and 2500-3000 (diameter tanks) series with lengths of 2-8m, 2.5-9m, 4-10, 4.5-12.5m, 4.5-15m, 5-18m respectively. The Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG3 require separators to be tested in accordance with the standard test procedure based on the European Standard BSEN858-1:2002. These standards and protocols were strictly adhered to in the design of the STORMPROTECTOR and ensure safe and viable removal of pollutants.

Number of Configurations:3

Minimum Storage Diameter/Width (mm):1200mm

Maximum Storage Diameter/Width (mm):3000

Minimum Storage Depth (mm): 2000

Maximum Storage Depth (mm):18000