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The Hydraprotector is the most widely used separator where it is acceptable to treat the first flush and normal flows up tov6.5mm/hr rainfall. This covers approximately 90% of all rainfall events in Australia. Any excess rainfall is by-passed without treatment. These are used when it is considered an acceptable risk not to provide full treatment for high _lows, for example, where the risk of a large spillage and heavy rainfall occurring at the same time is small. They are especially suitable for situations where the main requirement is to trap spillages. The Hydraprotector is the first by-pass separator certified to BS EN 858-1.

  •   Full Retention and all liquid is treated with no bypass
  •   Coalesce stormwater treatment filter for separation of smaller droplets of contaminants
  •   Coalesce Guiderail systems
  •   Automatic closure device to prevent contaminants from discharging into waterways
  •   Gravity operated
  •   Option of single, dual or triple chamber systems
  •   Automatic Alarm/monitoring system

The HYDRAPROTECTOR is suitable for many applications. Its high filtration rate and large array of configurations and sizes allows for this system to be suitable in almost all situations. Its ability to also be combined with other filtration systems, such as the HYDRAPROTECTOR, as a combined system ensure that this system can be used in a wide range of applications. The most common applications are listed below:

  •   Power Stations
  •   Parking areas and shopping centres
  •   Substations & Switchyards
  •   Mining & Heavy Vehicle
  •   Windfarms
  •   Waste Transfer Depots

The HYDROPROTECTOR comes in 3 categories 1200-1500, 1850-2200, 2500-3000 series and categorised as class 1 & class 2. The minimum diameter and length of 1200mm and 2m while maximum diameter and length of 3000mm and 18m are available as per customers requirements.