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Maxi Protector

The Maxi Protector is a series of the Protector Range that utilises the hydraulics of the flowing stormwater to push the water through a series of efficient filtration systems, each with specialised capture process for a variety of contaminants. The MaxiProtector uses the most efficient filtration techniques in a compacted layered design to provide the best stormwater treatment available. The system uses the hydraulic flow of stormwater to move the contaminated water into our MAXIPROTECTOR system. The water level is raised in the casing of the specially design MAXIFILTERS. The Maxi protector is utilised to remove sediment, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, phosphates, and a range of other contaminants from stormwater to be returned to our water systems clean and safe for the environment. Due to the systems range of installation configurations and preassembled delivery and manufacture (for FRP installation types), the maxiprotector system is able to be installed in a wide range of locations and applications. The maxifilter itself has only one size, but due to our design, inlet and outlet positions, each filter can easily be connected through a PVC piping system to increase the scale of your filtration rate.