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The XTREAMFILTER is designed to filter stormwater runoff and remove a large proportion of the contaminants in the process. This filtration device to be implemented into stormwater systems to remove fine sediments, heavy metals and phosphorus from stormwater runoff. The system consists of a base with several legs stands, each designed with water inlets holes to ensure high even flow of water into the water filter, a removable top shell with retention chamber, a one-way air valve to create a vacuum for continuous flow and the filter cylinder itself. The water can evenly flow up the outer channels and flow evenly through the filter media, consisting of three different media that is designed to target and remove specific contaminants. This system can effectively remove large portions of sediment, gross pollutants, hydrocarbons and oils, heavy metals, nutrients and organic substances and phosphorus. This system combines to create an exceptional all-round filtration system suitable for almost any site demand.

  • Adsorption
  • Interception and attachment techniques
  • Sedimentation
  • Oil and hydrocarbon capture
  • Gross pollutant trap

Due to the Modular Cartridge design, the sizing options for the XtreamFilter and the simple connectivity of multiple Filters, a large range of arrangements can be configured for any need. Combined this with the high surface area and high flow capacity, the XtreamProtector range can be inserted into any specific locale or any flow rate requirement. Whether deployed singularly into manholes, or in a large arrangement, the XtreamFilter will suit any need.