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Horizontal Retention System

Our Retention systems are designed for use in storage, detention and retention at the end of our treatment trains. At the final point of our systems, the horizontal retention tanks can be installed for storage, and can come with several additions to suit your needs including baffles, pumping stations, pressurization and can be included at any position on the treatment train. These systems are designed to be installed underground, and as such have been design with high strength in compression and utilise ribs in their construction to assist in this.

We at PROTECTOR are designing solutions to the problems we face, attempting to solve one of the biggest pollutant issues in Australia; Water pollution. Pollutants from run off that include chemicals, nutrients, hydrocarbons and gross pollutants contaminate our water supply and cause major environmental issues. We here at PROTECTOR are trying to solve this with our wide range of Horizontal Retention Tanks that are all designed to treat all forms of stormwater pollution and any sites demands.


Number of Configurations:7

Minimum Storage Diameter):1000mm

Maximum Storage Diameter: 3000mm

Minimum Storage Capacity (litres): 2900

Maximum Storage Capacity (litres): 107500